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A coalition of 13 city and county health districts.
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The Southwest Ohio Public Health Region (SWOPHR) is a coalition of 13 city and county health districts who have joined together in an effort to more efficiently identify, plan, respond, and mitigate public health emergencies in Southwest Ohio and the surrounding areas. The following health districts make up the SWOPHR.

Executive Steering Committee: click here
Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC) Workgroup: click here
Regional Epidemiology/Disease Investigation (REDI) Workgroup: click here
Public Information Officer (PIO) Workgroup: click here

Adams County Health Department William Hablitzel, MD
Brown County Health Department Harold Vermillion, RS, MHSA
Butler County Health Department Robert Lerer, MD, FAAP
City of Cincinnati Health Department Marilyn Crumpton, MD MPH
Clermont County Public Health Julianne Nesbit, RS, MPH
Clinton County Health District Pamela Walker-Bauer, RS, MPH
City of Hamilton Health Department Kay Farrar, RN, BSN
Hamilton County Public Health Timothy Ingram, MS, RS
Highland County Health Department Jared Warner, MEM, RS
City of Middletown Health Department Jacqueline Phillips, MPH, RN, BSN
City of Norwood Health Department Frank Perrino, MD
City of Springdale Health Department Matthew Clayton, BS
Warren County Combined Health District Duane Stansbury, RS, MPH
Executive Steering Committee

The Executive Steering Committee (ESC) is a group comprised of the region’s health commissioners and other valued partners from the Southwest Ohio Public Health Region that meet monthly to promote collaboration in all aspects of preparedness and response. The mission of the SWOPH Executive Steering Committee is to assure collaboration and preparedness so that during periods of crisis a positive state of physical, mental, and social wellness can be rendered to affected populations by utilizing regional public health strategies that enhance mutual support and minimize redundancy. The ESC provides assignments and direction for other work groups, and assures that policies, plans, and other projects developed in the region correspond with the overall regional mission and vision. The ESC coordinates public health planning with other agencies and disciplines throughout the region.

Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC) Workgroup

The ERC Work Group is a multi-jurisdictional group of public health professionals from the southwest Ohio region whose primary focus is public health emergency preparedness. Each ERC represents their health district in regional planning and response efforts. The ERC Work Group is the principal architect of the Regional Response Plan, and continues to collaborate in a variety of areas including the Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) to better prepare the region for emergency response activities.

Regional Epidemiology/Disease Investigation (REDI) Workgroup

The REDI Work Group is a multidisciplinary group of public health professionals, including registered nurses, epidemiologists, physicians, registered sanitarians, and other individuals from local health jurisdictions who meet quarterly to plan for regional epidemiological response. The mission of the Regional Epidemiology and Disease Investigators (REDI) Workgroup is to assure that preparedness for, response to, and recovery from weapons of mass destruction, a bioterrorism incident, a major disease outbreak or other public health event, is based on a comprehensive, coordinated regional strategy. This strategy should be based on collaboration and preparedness among partners in public health and should increase the capacity for epidemiologic and disease investigation.

Public Information Officer (PIO) Workgroup

A PIO is a person appointed by a health department to be responsible for the creation and coordination of public messaging and subsequent distribution of emergency public information via multimedia formats. The Public Information Officer (PIO) Work Group has been tasked with developing policies, procedures, guidelines, and content for communication needs that occur during times of emergency. Using crisis communication principles the workgroup collaborates in the development of messaging templates, message maps, fact sheets, and other public messaging materials in an effort to better inform the public and its partners during times of emergencies.

About us

The Southwest Ohio Public Health Region is a partnership of city and county health districts who work together to prepare for and respond to public health and healthcare emergencies.


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